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B.B. Berg - Recent Television appearances Oct 27th 2020 and November 12th (where she won the contest!) on the "Live with Kelly and Ryan" show.

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B.B. won the contest on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" for week of November 12th

Brief Bio of B.B.'s Wing Dance Discovery

B.B. Berg only started Dancing later on in life, after the age of 50.

She recounts “I prayed for a sign of what I needed to do in this world and that night had a very vivid dream that I was flying on Golden Wings." I woke up from that dream feeling free and happy and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had to share this with others.”
This then led to the creation of teaching exercise classes that she called “Wing Therapy. “
B.B. persevered, even amid various health problems with her back, neck and shoulders. "We can positively affect our health by our joyful thoughts and emotions. Feeling young is key and these Wings bring out our inner child." 

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